we have a winner

we have a winnerwe have a winnerwe have a winnerwe have a winner

e o vencedor é...
gracia!!!! o nosso presente de aniversário vai voar para a austrália!
estamos muito contentes com o resultado deste sorteio de aniversário. fomos muito bem recebidas e acolhidas pelo fine little day e por todos os seus leitores, o feedback foi óptimo de ler todos os dias e também ficamos muito contentes de ver por lá os nossos amigos e visitas regulares de portugal:)
parabéns ao vencedor e para os que não ganharam fica a promessa de haver mais num futuro próximo:)


and the winner is...
gracia!!!! our birthday giveaway is going to fly to autralia!
we are so happy with the results of this giveaway. we felt so welcomed by fine little day and its readers, there was an amazing feedback to our shop and work and we were also very happy to find all our friends and clients from portugal there:)
big congrats to the winner and for those who didn't win, don't worry because new giveaways will come very soon:)

2 comentários:

  1. Really, I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful things included in your parcel. Tonight, I plan to crack the little Eggling and sprinkle the lavender seeds inside. I will do so as the t-shirt sent is drying in the bathroom (for I wore it today and live in it often), and with my Teresa Cunha slippers on my feet (for it is a cool summer eve). Both little pouches, too, now store treasures inside my bag. Thank-you. Thank-you so very much.

    You can see a photo of said slippers in use here: http://gracialouise.typepad.com/high_up_in_the_trees/2010/12/put-ones-best-foot-forward.html

  2. Thank you so much Gracia! We are so happy everything arrived well and that your are loving our giveaway.