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na semana passada a loja de estar lançou aqui mais um giveaway em conjunto com o blog fine little day. apesar de este não ter sido tão concorrido como o primeiro, foi muito interessante porque os participantes contavam histórias suas relativamente aos napperons. foi com um enorme prazer que a vencedora deste concurso foi uma das pessoas que fez um dos comentários que mais gozo me deu ler.
a vencedora foi a Alice, de França e o napperon que ela escolheu foi este!
em cima podem-se ver algumas das fotos do projecto que ela nos falou no seu comentário, que aqui transcrevo:


last week we've lauched a new giveaway along with fine little day blog. in spite of not having as many participants as the first one, it was very nice to read all the coments where people talked about their own stories with napperons. It was a great pleasure that our winner was one of the coments with a very interesting storie about her and a project related to crochet and knitting.
our winner is Alice from France and this was the napperon she choosed to receive.
the pictures above are from the project she talks about in her comment:

I don’t make dollies but they have a special part in my heart.
My mother is spanish, dollies reminds me spanish appartments when we visited family during the holidays (we live in France). It was a typical element of decoration of every old aunt, cousins or grand mother’s sister’s appartment, I remember a giant one used as a tablecloth, with a big piece of glass on it to protect it, very huge.
When I was kid I think I found it odd or dated, but then I grew up and get more and more interested by handmade things.
Handmade things touch me a lot, each day more.
Crochet is something that moves because it reminds grand-parents, my spanish grand father used to make crochet too, I still have a multicolored striped blanket he did for my big sister.
It reminds me too strange crocheted dolls that the same old spanish aunts offered us to my sister and I when we were already teenagers, we still were supposed to be sweet little girls.
Then one last thing about crochet.
When I was a young art student (1998), we built an exhibition with two friends of mine. It took place in the village were I was born, it was all about knitting and crochet and wool. It took one year to built the project, a big part of it was to ask (old) people to participate by knitting things they wanted to be exhibited, anything that was handkinitted or crocheted, things they would do specially for the occasion or things they would already have done by the past, or family inheritance, anything they want.
The exhibition lasted one month during summer vacation, my village is a small seaside resort in west of France.
Something really funny happened during this month. At the very beginning only a few people responded to our call by sending us things to show, and above all they were people we knew, of or family or family contacts and friends.
But very quickly the event has become very serious.
All the old people we contacted a few months ago and who were too shy to participate then started to wake up, seeing the other’s work in a so attractive exhibition (the whole house were recoverd by multicolored knitting), a very funny emulation rised in the small town and also touched the tourits who were camping there for their holidays.
Each day we were visited by more and more people bringing new handmade things for the show, telling us all the story about each peace of work, each specificity of crochet, some of them even wrote the explainations on little papers for the visitors…
And so each day they were more and more things to see in the room, it was a huge success but above all a very moving event.
My grandmother who was then 93 surpassed herself for the show, it was very funny to feel the kind of pride of the people who took part of it. It was funny and beautifull, and we met a lot of people. It was a living thing.
Well, i hope all this is not too long and that it would interest at least one person. That is all dollies made me think about tonight.
Then, wich napperon would I prefer… Really it’s hard to choose, I love the freshness of the colors, and they all are beautifull.. I’ll say the green one.
Have a good night!"

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  1. :D oh GOD!!! tive a sorte por perto :D foi o comentário anterior ao meu. e também gostei muito de lê-lo ;)))