"gardens, not buildings..."

Gardens, not buildingsSempre as nuvens

"Great projects start out feeling like buildings. There are architects, materials, staff, rigid timelines, permits, engineers, a structure. It works or it doesn't. Build something that doesn't fall down. On time. But in fact, great projects, like great careers and relationships that last, are gardens. They are tended, they shift, they grow. They endure over time, gaining a personality and reflecting their environment. When something dies or fades away, we prune, replant and grow again. Perfection and polish aren't nearly as important as good light, good drainage and a passionate gardener. 
By all means, build. But don't finish. 
Don't walk away. 
Here we grow."

Seth Godin

Este mês de Agosto vamos plantar muitos jardins cá por casa, uns na terra, outros no céu!
Por aqui não vai haver 'silly season', mas sim 'planting season'.

Boa semana pessoas!

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