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Björk: Biophilia Live
"A new film captures the Icelandic singer's groundbreaking project Biophilia Live brings to a close an intense few years of activity from one of the most inventive artists working in the world of music. Björk’s Biophilia project has looked to engage with ideas surrounding nature—from climate change to the wonders of biodiversity—and the educational potential of touchscreen technology. It has simultaneously manifested itself in the form of an album, an app, an educational programme, and a beguiling live experience: today’s excerpt from Peter Strickland and Nick Fenton’s documentary captures the magic of the latter with the Icelandic singer's performance of "Moon," at London's Alexandra Palace."

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4 comentários:

  1. Vi uma parte desse documentário, é fantástico!

  2. Só vi este excerto, mas quero muito ver o resto, onde arranjaste?

    1. Pois, eu vi em Inglaterra, no canal Sky Arts! Acho que aqui há mais informações (obviamente):

  3. Tenho saudades dela!