lost in living - hoje!

Hoje e só hoje, o filme 'Lost in Living' está disponível no vimeo para quem quiser aproveitar e ver um documentário sobre a vida de 4 mulheres, mães e artistas.
Leiam a descrição original, deitem os miúdos, acomodem-se em frente ao ecrã acompanhadas do que mais gostam de beber e comer e vejam. Vai valer a pena!

"Behind the domestic curtain of motherhood, where the creative impulse can flourish or languish, are four women determined to make a go of it. Filmed over seven years, Lost In Living, confronts the contradictions inherent in personal ambition and self-sacrifice, female friendship and mental isolation, big projects and dirty dishes. The complex realities of family life unfold in this documentary film about the messy intersection of motherhood and artistic expression.

This movie is an in-depth exploration of a domain normally off-limits – illumination of private experience, events that happen behind closed doors and the unveiling of one’s most personal, private and conflicted thoughts about life, family, artistic expression and self-image.

Lost In Living is not a traditional Hero Story. Hero stories are great. We love to be inspired by the long shot, the renegade, the against all odds success. But we also long to see our own more nuanced and less formulaic experiences presented to us for reflection and identification.

Lost in Living follows four remarkable women, all artists as well as mothers. Through intimate, verite scenes, and in-depth interviews, this film illuminates how the choice of being a mother can affect one’s art and approach to creativity. Further, the film explores parenting expectations and failures, issues of friendship and marriage, the monotony of domestic routines, and most importantly it looks at who we are in the world and how we all struggle with the balance of family commitment and personal work.

Kristina and Caren are two of the main characters in Lost In Living. When I met them in 2005, they were best friends, both pregnant, and both artists. I was there when they gave birth and then as they moved through the transition to motherhood. I continued to film them until their children started kindergarten, an important step towards independence for both mother and child.

To contrast these young mothers I chose two women, Margie and Merrill, who had already experienced the early years of motherhood and were now forging relationships with their adult children. Their stories offer insight and reflection about different generational choices regarding career and parenting. Having access to their spouses and adult children enabled me to gain deeper insight into the difficulty of how one does or doesn’t achieve the delicate balance between work and home.

Kristina, a filmmaker, and Caren, a painter, embark on a journey that takes them through difficult career choices, challenges in their friendship, turning 40, parenting struggles, rejection and acclaim for their work and a redefinition of their feminist ideals. Merrill and Margie, both with adult children and many years of child-rearing experience, recall their triumphs and mistakes. Merrill is a writer with three adult daughters. She published more than 25 books, was a former fellow of the Wallace Stegner Writing Workshop and decided to quit altogether. Margie, a divorced mother of seven, is a painter. Painting saved her from the deadening dullness of being a housewife and mother and the strains of an unhappy marriage. As she enjoys late life recognition her youngest children go off to college. These four women’s stories illustrate in different and often similar ways the internally driven desire to explore their deeply held conflicts and passions. For them art competes with other passions in their lives and the richness of their lives enriches their art.

Lost In Living is a funny and poignant film about four mothers and their struggles and triumphs to raise children and make art. The movie resonates with anyone who has had to confront the trials of personal dreams and family obligations."

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  1. Uau! É mesmo para ficar pregada ao écrã (quase não me mexi até ao fim!)! Muita, muita coisa para processar, sentir, pensar. Obrigada pela partilha!

  2. acabei agora de ver o documentário, gostei imenso, imenso.
    muito obrigada por esta partilha. agora vou ali processar isto tudo.

  3. Infelizmente o vidéo falho ao meio agora mesmo. Gostei imenso e chorei. Obrigada por partilhar

  4. Não cheguei a tempo....e já sabia disto à bastante tempo e queria tanto ver...